Dr Alan Rayner on Interrelating


Since 2000, he has been pioneering awareness of ‘natural inclusion’, the co-creative evolutionary flow of all forms of life in receptive-responsive spatial and energetic relationship. This awareness enables us to understand ourselves and other life forms as dynamic expressions of our natural habitat, not independent subjects and objects.

Alan Rayner: Understanding Trees, Fungi, and the Evolutionary Flow of Life


This talk was given at the Advaya event Secrets of the Forests: Lives Within & Beyond the Trees, with Alan Rayner, Kay Haw & Martin Bidartondo on 5th November.
Talk Description: Understanding Trees, Fungi, and the Evolutionary Flow of Life Alan will explain how his studies of trees, fungi and their diverse ways of relating to one another in natural communities contributed his new understanding of creative evolutionary processes based on the receptive-responsive relationship between intangible space and energetic flux. He will discuss how this understanding can help us to appreciate our human place in the natural world and enable us to live in a more passionate, compassionate and sustainable way than we currently do.

Dr Alan Rayner from the Tree Conference 2017


Dr Alan Rayner’s talk on Understanding Trees and Fungi as Flow-forms. Alan opened the live-stream viewing with the exploration into what he has learnt about reality from observing fungi in their relationship with trees.

Alan Rayner – The Essence of Natural Inclusionality – 28 August 2013

“All we have to do is ask ‘what, most fundamentally, needs to be present for natural form to be and become distinguishable from its surroundings?’ Or, more concretely, ‘why is our direct experience of walking into a brick wall different from that of walking through an open doorway?’ Or, ‘what makes it possible to paint a picture?’