Exploring the profound implications of natural inclusion

Creating a sustainable culture of diversity and inclusion by liberating ourselves from the oppressive confinements of oppositional thinking and bringing human beings and the world into empathetic mutual relationship.


Intrinsic and naturally fluid variety arising from receptive and responsive relationships as a continuing creative exploration of ever-changing possibilities without the intervention of central or external administrative agency. 

Understanding self and other

Understanding how people interrelate with one another is necessary for interpretation and engagement. Natural inclusional logic views self as ensembled, meaning self is inclusive of others and other is inclusive of self.

Acknowledging our distinctions

Recognizing distinct qualities in one another establishes an understanding of how we are alike and different. Respecting these similarities and distinctions opens doors to endless possibilities of living sustainably in a communion of diversity. 


Process through which all material form comes into being and diversifies in receptive-responsive relationships. It’s to embrace all organisms irrespective of their unique characteristics.

Appreciating our distinctions

Empathizing and viewing life from other perspectives allows us to understand and appreciate our distinctions. It’s being open and respectful of the similarities and differences within all organisms.

Sense of community

By acknowledging a coherent group identity without diminishing individuality, a true sense of community emerges through the receptive responsive relationships all organisms share.


Evolutionary and ecological sustainability, from cells of the human body to trees in the forest, depends upon mutual attunement with the diversity and changeability of all within their neighborhood. Sustainability is the ability to continue living in current and changeable form. It’s meeting the needs of present occurrences without compromising future occurrences. Thriving in evolutionary terms is about sustaining life as a flow of energy, not merely its preservation.

Flourishing of the Wellest

Seeking and maintaining sustainable, co-creative evolutionary relationships in varied heterogenous communities.

Natural energy flow

Energy is the actual currency of nature. The way energy flows within and throughout natural boundaries mobilizes and shapes the world al all scales of organization. It is a mobile presence. Real natural community life accepts variety as an expression of diversified energy flow.

Together, we will create
an inclusive neighborhood

Now we humans all around the planet are interconnected via our telecommunications, computers and high-speed road, rail and air links, what costs and benefits do you perceive for the quality of our lives as individuals and groups? 


All actual occurrence both tangible and intangible.


Variably coherent dynamic grouping.


Compassionate awareness of the vulnerability and needs of all living organisms.


Fluid system of dynamic channels enabling enhanced communication and redistribution of energy.


Involvement with others in a process.


The inclusion of dynamic individual and group identities present everywhere.

Why do we need diversity and inclusion for sustainability?

The ecological and evolutionary sustainability of natural life forms, from the cells and the tissues in human bodies to the trees in forests, depends upon current and recurrent attunement with its natural environment. Sustainability does not depend on a one-sided adaptation to an environment ‘out there’. Recognizing that diversity allows us to understand self and other brings to light self and group identities that foster communal relationships that unveil the already existing Natural Inclusion that life flourishes in. 

Individual differences are often perceived by us human beings as a source of conflict and disparity between life forms, including ourselves. Contrarily, individual differences are an expression of natural creativity and complementary relationship. We need diversity to drive creativity and innovation. We need inclusion to empower and involve.

Natural Inclusion brings hope to a more creative, sustainable, and loving future for humanity and companion life forms.


Natural inclusion is a fundamental and foundational evolutionary process based on actual life experience. Since 2000, Dr. Alan Rayner has been pioneering awareness of natural inclusion as the mutually inclusive, co-creative, receptive and responsive relationship between spatial stillness and energetic flux in the being, becoming and evolutionary diversification of all material bodies.


In short, every thing. Natural selection is a pre-scriptional methodology which posits that individual inhabitants must fit into or adapt to the environmental context. Natural selection is an evolution in a box model that in itself could never create the diversity that is evident in our world.

The idea of equity is akin to snapshot homogeneity that separates what must be good and accessible from what must be bad and inaccessible. Instead of equity, we would say reciprocity, compassion, kindness, care or love. To establish a place and time of equity would require individuals and groups of individuals to have an independent and instantaneous existence isolated from space. Natural material bodies are never rigidly inert and are instead dynamic individual localities of place-time.

When we speak of abstract it is not in relation to a category of artwork. By abstract, we mean the product of a mental process that isolates units and considers these units independent, self-contained objects. These objects are given the names of wholes, parts, integers, and fractions. Actual life experience suggests that wholes and parts as completely self-contained entities cannot exist. Natural material bodies are distinguishable from one another and their surroundings and are dynamically, not definitively, bounded.

Flow-form is an energetic configuration of space somewhere within space everywhere. Not a point of mass surrounded by space. Flow-form is a changeable, platial and temporal expression of receptive and responsive relationship resulting in surface tension of varying intensity. This could take the form of solid, liquid and gas and exist at any scale of organization from atomic to galactic. Evolution is a process of cumulative energic transformation. Natural material bodies are a product of this natural energy flow and hence the term flow-form.

Occurrity is transforming the way we view life, environment, and people by exploring and explicating the meaning of natural inclusion. We hope to inspire, teach, and learn from others in our diverse community.

Place-time is best understood as nature itself. It represents the flow geometry of space as the dynamic inclusion of space in place. It is not the definitive geometry of matter and space in three dimensions nor the space-time geometry of three dimensions plus one time dimension. In flow geometry, natural material bodies and numerical identities are energetic inclusions of zero-dimensional points in infinite space, not static material figures set aside from or conflated with space. Movement of energy and non-movement of space combine to create tangible flow-forms which exist for variable periods of time within particular places, hence place-time.

Raising awareness of natural inclusion needs the voices of many diverse individuals and groups. Trying to understand and relating with your actual life experiences is a good starting point. Share our thoughts with your friends, family and colleagues. Ask us any questions which may arise. This is truly a labor of love, so any donations or purchases from our store would help us continue to change the hearts and minds of the world to create or perhaps re-create a sustainable, compassionate and passionate world. 

Read, write, contemplate, interact, contribute, make suggestions or simply live through the lens of naturescope. Natural inclusion allows for a creative exploration of ever-changing possibilities, so you tell us. We would be happy to acknowledge any of your questions or comments.

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The way we use language both reflects and reinforces the way we perceive reality. It is therefore important for anyone who wants their underlying perception to be understood, to choose language that corresponds most closely with this perception and to avoid language that is liable to misrepresent it. When the underlying perception differs markedly from what is familiar to most people, the need for careful language use becomes crucial if people are truly to understand what is being said. This is a challenge because the language needs to be as simple and familiar as possible at the same time as clearly reflecting and reinforcing the difference in intended meaning from common perceptions.

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