How Did I Become Aware of Natural Inclusion?

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It’s a question I’ve been asked It’s a question I’ve asked myself It’s not a straightforward question for me to answer In incremental steps from beginning to end Because although it has entailed passing through a number of transitions Perhaps three major transitions These have not taken me anywhere that’s new to me They have […]

How Can Awareness of Natural Inclusion Help Us Through and Beyond Self-Isolation?

radiant receptivity alan rayner occurrity

Awareness of what I call ‘natural inclusion’ enables us readily to understand just how and why it is that our individual self-identity is both a dynamic inclusion and expression of the spatial and energetic neighbourhood that our bodily lives draw sustenance from and populate. As living inhabitants of our habitat, we cannot be isolated from […]

Living, Learning, Evolving

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How do we as human beings come to know and understand the complexities of the natural world in which we are situated? And how does the way in which we do this affect the way in which we live? And how does the way in which we live affect the way in which we do […]

What On Earth Is or Isn’t ‘The Web of Life’?

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I have long been both puzzled and disconcerted by the popular conception of ‘The Web of Life’. It is not at all clear to me what this is really supposed to mean. What does it mean to you, I wonder? A succinct (Oxford) dictionary description of ‘web’ is (1) a network of fine strands made by a […]

Surface Tension and the Natural Flow-Geometry of Place-Time

recalcitrance alan rayner occurrity

A manifestation of the mutually inclusive relationship between receptive spatial influence and energetic current in all material forms What is it that holds together What would otherwise drift apart If not an innermost receptive call To all around To come into circulation In confluent formation dance? . A call that once made Can then be […]