Inner Motivation

how compassion fruits alan rayner occurrity

When we know infinite space To be the receptive influence That calls into energetic response We recognise our inner motivation With a sigh of relief And a breath of fresh air Which removes the suffocation Of abstract imposition That forces us inside Four walls of a Whole, Complete Structure That only really exists Intangibly As […]

Simplicity & Entanglement

fountains of the forest alan rayner occurrity

When we disregard what’s intangible – Impossible to grasp Our minds get in a tangle Trying to get a grip On what they cannot see The holey wood within the vibrant trees The simplicity beneath the surface That brings to life its branches In complicated forms That seem to place in empty background The space […]

Dead Loss

  How does it feel To be written off To write your self off As a dead loss? . To be the story You most dreadfully feared Back in those earnest days Before the haze In which you now drift In this maze Round blind corners and bends Wishing you could make amends Find restoration […]


  If you truly wish to unlock the door To a wide-open new paradigm of love in life And life in love Stop looking for the key! First find the keyhole- The innermost receptivity Around which the key revolves To reveal those different aspects That come into life when admitted Receptive love Invites and welcomes […]

Achilles Heal

A gap breathed space Into the fortress Of a soul walled in By dreaming of Absolute security In its individual completeness Elevated above some baseline standard Of soles firmly planted At odds with one as another In foundations of quicksand Set fast in cement How quickly this dreaming Would fade In less than a lifeline […]

A Void Dance

arid confrontation alan rayner occurrity

When we imagine That what’s inside Exists only outside Our mortal bodies As a frightful surround – A dumping ground Of fathomless void… Our lives shrink Into isolated, inconsequential grains Like sand whipped up Into fearful storm Each striving to regain Its lost significance Through individual gathering Of collective power Connected together in harnessed compliance […]

Beneath The Surface of the See

  What happens When what you see Doesn’t stop At the surface of what you see? When all around Extends within Taking its bounty Within sight unsound To be turned around In spinning dance And returned once more Beyond the core That place within the mirror’s surface Where all reflection Is no deflection But recollection […]

Catching the Sun

  Where would the sun be With no where to catch its rays And spin them into Life Throbbing in receptive bodies Responsive to warmth Conveyed in light too deep in shade For human eyes to see? Where would we be Without a place to call our home Receptive to influx Responsive to neighbours Each […]

Channel Number Five

channel number five alan rayner occurrity

Come on you Two Won’t you fuse with us Three So that we no longer have to be Rivals? In an Olympic Golden Sovereignty Of One on either side of offence That makes you over Into binary opposition An oddly singular couple Of thrust and counter-thrust In action and reaction That denies the even handedness […]

Coming as Going

We come as we go We ebb as we flow Into and out from Life Into and Out from Grace Joyfully and Sadly Painfully and Painlessly Loudly and Quietly Restlessly and Restfully It is what makes us who and what we are – Fleeting expressions of creative relationship Between Stillness and Current Calling and responding […]