digitalis alan rayner occurrity

Oh, that iron fist that hides In a velvet glove Intoxicating the heart Whilst ordering its erratic wanderings Into the hard-edged metronomic beatings Of a loveless marriage to mechanical objects So clearly defined To beguile the seeker of certainty Could not that purple velvet That flatters to deceive Yet restore our child’s play? An antidotal, […]

Eclipse on Solsbury Hill

solsbury hill alan rayner occurrity

Ascending through misty envelope We reached the shallow dome Where Earth kisses Sky Each melding into Other In touching transference But with no Sun in Sight Until a pallid glimmer began to show Through thinning vapour Revealing hard-bitten disc Gradually eroding Into metallic sliver As sights and sounds of morning dusk Filled chilling air Until […]

Eternal Current

There is a current Sensational tingling That flows eternally Inwards and outwards Towards and around Eternal rest Where it builds its nest Of spiky bits and pieces Lined softly To accept some body’s repose Amidst the hustle and bustle Of life in raw relief Where no body’s striving Goes unnoticed And no one’s isolation Goes […]

Fading Vision

fading vision alan rayner occurrity

I glimpsed a hidden beauty Enshrouded in a veil Calling my attention To come closer and reveal What lay behind her cover Yearning to be known I approached and gently started To peel away the layers Until, there she stood, Stark, Naked For any One to see Her heart of utmost darkness Enveloped by a […]

Feeling The Current

Every Rock is a River Every Island is a Stream Despite how Each might Seem To a distanced Mind Cut Off from Feeling The Current of its Origin In Flux and Stillness Inextricably Combined Every Moment is a Turning Point Betwixt There and There, Then and Then Never an Instantaneous Breakage in the Line That’s […]

Flame and Fountain

a flame and a fountain alan rayner occurrity

My Life, My Psyche Is a Flame And a Fountain A marriage of Entropy and Energy Receptive Darkness and Responsive Light Transparent Silence and Flowing Sound Awaiting the Possibility To Come Together In Flower and Shower Carefully tended It can illuminate and warm It can refresh and cool Abused or neglected It can burn and […]

Form and Formlessness And the Natural Inclusion of Each in the Other

form and formlessness alan rayner occurrity

And the Natural Inclusion of Each in the Other It’s All so very Simple Really There is Form & There is Formlessness Split Apart Neither Alone can make Sense of Life But Each included in the Other Falls naturally into Place Form Flows into and out From Formless Existence Formlessness Flows into Life In Form […]

Holding Openness

holding openness alan rayner occurrity

You ask me who you are To tell a story you can live your life by A tail that has some point That you can see So that you no longer Have to feel so pointless Because what you see is what you get If you don’t get the meaning of my silence Because you […]

The Hole in the Mole

the hole in the mole alan rayner occurrity

I AM the hole That lives in a mole That induces the mole To dig the hole That moves the mole Through the earth That forms a hill That becomes a mountain That reaches to sky That pools in stars And brings the rain That the mountain collects Into streams and rivers That moisten the […]

How May I Take This In?

  How may I take this in? The silence beyond and before The commotion of locomotion The cacophony of the din That heralds and applauds Pressing presence In the gift of the moment Pinpricks of brightly coloured light Piercing the conscience Of darkness Loving and foreboding Making a meal Of expectations Of memories That feed […]