Your Peace is My Disquiet

Your Peace is my disquiet
That Bliss you find in self-denial
Where pain is a thing of the past
Conveniently forgotten
In clouded memory

Your Peace leaves me abandoned
As I strive to make life better
Than this Careless State has made it
For you as well as me

If oblivion is the only refuge
Where is the place for Joy,
For Love, for Life, for Creativity,
For true Contentment?

Nowhere, it seems
Is your superior answer
Full of disregard
For all that’s come to pass
During your reign of terror
In which you hold me hostage
Taunting me with your pokes of fun
That make me out to be just as bad as you
When I can’t include your exclusivity
In my receptive heart

Perhaps I should take you
At your word
And just forget you
When you tell me to let go of my attachments
For, after all
As you insist
You don’t exist

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