When Thought Divorces Feeling
Reason for Hope in Desperate Times

When thought divorces feeling
Self divorces neighbourhood
Mind divorces matter
Matter divorces space
Light divorces darkness
Fear divorces love
Anger rules the roost

No reason makes a difference
No care can heal the split
Each goes its own way
Without giving a damn
Hell-bent on the same fixed course
To who knows where it will all end

Thought returns to feeling
Self returns to neighbourhood
Mind returns to matter
Matter returns to space
Light returns to darkness
Fear returns to love
Anger subsides to patience
All in good time

Reason makes a difference
Care heals the split
Each lives in close companionship
With the other in its heart
Abiding in natural communion
Within a depth that’s made to last
A well-spring into future
No abyss that drains to past

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