What’s My Motivation?

Just in case there’s any doubt
I am not motivated by plaudits
Or any sovereign sense of my own superiority
On the contrary,
While I do admit to yearning
For personal vindication
Given my privileged background
As a former professional
Scientific researcher and educator,
My primary feeling
In the zero-point vacuum of my heart –
My innermost receptivity –
Is compassionate concern
For this human world
And its natural neighbourhood
Which inescapably includes me
In deep trouble
A trouble that I see being rooted
In a way of thinking
Passed down by Authority
For thousands of years,
Which, for no good reason at all
Either splits or merges
Solo figure
From or with
Birthing ground
Bringing conflict and suppression
To all life around
This makes me want
In whatever remains of my days
To do what I can
To help us out of this web
And to accompany others
From diverse horizons
Who see the same way clear
Through the dense entanglements
And disparate voices
Selling their wheres
And paying their dues
To what’s not good news
For our human kind
And this world about us
That’s my motivation
What’s yours?

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