What May Not Be Obvious

Every body is a cavity at heart
Every figure reconfigures both in science and in art
Every face is interfacing from no bottom to no top
Every faith is interfaith that cannot tell us where to stop
Every lining opens inwards as it brings its inside out
Every curtain closes outwards to conceal its inner doubt
Every story ends in opening from some future into past
Every glory is the story of finding first in last
Every aching is the making of another role for play
Every taking is the slaking of another’s thirst to stay
Every tiding’s no confiding with-out the trust to tell
Every siding is no hiding from the fear of utter Hell
Every flowing is the ebbing of another’s world within
Every glowing is the lighting of the darkness in the spin
Every heartbeat is the murmur in the core of inner space
Every drumbeat is the echo of the dance within each place
Every silence is the gathering of the storm that is to come
When Love comes to Life

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