What Makes Us Miss Out What Life’s All About?

What makes us miss out
What we need to include in our minds
To make life worth living –
Loving, caring, joyful, creative, understandable, sustainable –
A gift to be received, nurtured and passed on
In continuous relay
And instead treat life as a quest
Against all odds
For supremacy, certainty and material wealth
At all costs to our psyche, environment and bodily health?

It’s hard to avoid
The fear of the void
When it’s represented to us
As the end, not the source, of us all
Making us seek salvation
In false conclusions
That miss out
By division or union
What needs to occur
In the depth of our selves
And the depth of our habitats
To make our lives possible
In the first place

It’s then that we need
With less haste, more speed
To return to our senses
And take into account
The intangible that’s missing
From all measured amount –
The infinite quality
Throughout and beyond quantity
That our fear of missing out
Misses out
But our innate love of life
Knows only too well

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