What Happens Now?

So, what happens now?
In the space between my ears
Vacant in the yearning of the moment
Of a silence unheard
By a constant ticking

Positive affirmation
Of rectitude
That double crosses
By marking out
Where sanity begins

At the edge of nowhere
Included in somewhere
Forlorn in spirit
Dampened under cover
Of fire blankets

Without enthusiasm
How can passion fruit?
At the edge of somewhere
Included in everywhere
Beyond control
Of ardent striving

Arrested at rest
In helpless worrying
Beyond the call of duty
That forbids
Forbidding silence

Where are the words
To call to order
The mind that strays
Beyond its limits
In splendid isolation?

Cascading, overflowing
Across some edge
That tightens sinews
In tense anticipation
Of what’s to come
When what’s forbidden
Is bidden to some

Who cannot suppress
That tense outflowing
By getting a grip
On what’s born to run

A gift that passes
Around and around
Until someone gets it
And all is undone

how compassion fruits alan rayner occurrity
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