Imagine your Self to be a Well,
A living swirl of wishful feeling
Ever resourceful in its continuity
With its source in all around
While never losing its unique identity
Born in local movement
So long as kept in sure supply
Whence it came

Filling as you empty
Emptying as you fill
Receiving and Giving
Giving and Receiving
This Gift of loving life
From Loving Life ItselfThat vibrant natural Communion
Betwixt Motion & Stillness
Male & Female
Continually circulating
In co-creative Inspiration

All’s well in this Current
Until and Unless
This original Sense of Being & Becoming Well
Is Lost
In ardent Aspiration
Not to Dwell
In natural company
But, instead, to be its Head
In charge of all its doings
By imposing definitive Limit
Between One Self and every Other
Made to be its Subject
Of distant speculation
Intent on keeping
Life & Love
At Bay

While seeking Idol’s Power –
Such a far and lonely cry
From Nature’s Bower
Unable to return there
Without loosening its false, determined Grip
On Reality

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