Our Vision

At Occurrity our vision is to create, nurture, and sustain a globally inclusive culture where distinctions drive innovation and creativity. We encourage co-creativity through Natural Inclusion by making allowances in human organizations. Inclusional awareness can unblock the flow of human understanding.

To attune co-creatively with our ever-transforming natural neighborhood, we must learn to re-learn. It’s essential to re-learn how to live and how to love with less conflict. The combination of open hearts and minds unleashes the potential of a brilliant mix of inhabitants.

Other organizations advertise creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment but focus on promoting superficial characteristics which forcefully, not naturally, envisages a prescribed environment. This misunderstanding creates oneness, the idea that we are all connected or more precisely, all parts of one whole.

To escape the confinement of whole and part thinking that holds us to ransom, in opposition to one another and the world, is to live a more natural fluid lifestyle that opens our individual and group identity to the inclusion of neighborhood in and as a vital aspect of self. 

In nature everything is distinct, yet nothing defined into absolute, independent singleness. In humans we, too, are distinct and not defined as independent singleness. This does not disregard our unique qualities, nor does it ignore our similarities, this encourages us to thrive in co-creativity.

Natural inclusionality radically changes our perception from demanding human rights to appreciating human needs. Here at Occurrity, our commitment to these values is unwavering throughout all we do.

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