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Dr Alan Rayner on Interrelating

Since 2000, he has been pioneering awareness of ‘natural inclusion’, the co-creative evolutionary flow of all forms of life in receptive-responsive spatial and energetic relationship. This awareness enables us to understand ourselves and other life forms as


Dr Alan Rayner from the Tree Conference 2017

Dr Alan Rayner’s talk on Understanding Trees and Fungi as Flow-forms. Alan opened the live-stream viewing with the exploration into what he has learnt about reality from observing fungi in their relationship with trees.

Alan Rayner on the 13 February 2013 at BRLSI

Alan Rayner presenting his ideas on The Art and Science of Understanding Plant Life at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution in Bath on the 13th February 2013.

Alan Rayner with Ray Sheath on Inclusionality

Alan Rayner with Ray Sheath at the Unhooked Thinking Conference on Addiction at the Guildhall Bath on 10 May 2006. Alan is responding to Ray’s question about the nature of inclusionality.

Alan Rayner & Ray Sheath on Inclusionality & Addiction Pt 1

Alan Rayner with Ray Sheath responding at the Unhooked Thinking Conference in Bath on the 10 May 2007 to the proposition: To try to fulfill incompatible desires for absolute freedom and absolute security we can become deeply

Alan Rayner on Natural Inclusion

Alan Rayner has develop a theory of evolution based on natural inclusion. This questions the assumptions of the theory of evolution of natural selection.


Alan Rayner on Inclusionality, Boundaries and Space

Alan Rayner’s expression of inclusionality as a relationally dynamic awareness of space and boundaries that is connective, reflexive and co-creative offers a possibility for developing a new living logic and living standards of judgment for educational and

Eden Charles and Alan Rayner with Ubuntu and Inclusionality

Eden and Alan are talking about Alan communicating his ideas on Inclusionality in a radio interview planned for December. Eden is just finishing his doctorate that draws on African Cosmology with Ubuntu. Jack is seeking to use