Trouble With Giants
A warning to scholars

The trouble with giants
Is when they have bad backs
So when you climb on their shoulders
To improve your view
And see something new
What you so admire
Can bring you to grief
A crippling crumpling
Of fixed belief

But when something really new
Comes in-out of the blue
As a glimpse of what’s always true
The trouble with giants
Is to pretend they already knew

Every inch of the way
That you strive to back track
From the present day
To hold off attack
From who cannot believe
That you did not retrieve
The insight you gained
From what’s already been feigned

So be ready as you clamber
Amongst rocks and rock fall
Following the camber
Made by those who walk tall

When something comes flying
From out of sight’s mind
There’s no point in trying
Against the heart’s grind

To tell your sad story
Of where you found glory
Without showing deference
To those craving reference
As to where you began
In your quest as an also ran

Because without pedigree
Of respectable family tree
No kind will agree
To acknowledge your presence
Of mind prepared willingly
To welcome the essence
That comes as a shock
To those of good stock

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