Tired of Waiting

I’m so tired
Tired of waiting
For a world to turn itself around
From continually revolving
In opposition to its motion
That blocks its circulation
In polarized debate

I can’t wait
For the debate to abate
And stop its endless promotion
Of power-hungry clods
To positions where they stifle
Those truly gifted
With generosity to share

Why must those who care
From the depths of their sensitivity
To an uncertain kind of truth
That flows in all in through all
Suffer endless humiliation
At the hands of those who call
Themselves successful
In a world that gives them clout?

Where there is no room for doubt
No space to air the possibility
Of living free from grout
That fixes tiles to walls
In rectilinear rankings
Of vertical ascent
To a tall story

From whose lofty penthouse
The ghost of high office
Watches out
For anyone who dares to question
Or fall fearfully short of satisfying
The hard-edged logic of His restrictive practice
That knows no soft caress
And so couldn’t care less

Whilst everywhere around
Throughout the quaking ground
Where reality floods in
To shake the certainty out of order
With violent protestations
That open space for reconciliation
Of one will with another
In a world where none can smother
The life that flows through all
And finds itself again
In the frail wonderings of compassion

No, I cannot bear to wait much longer
For the retirement of that force
That batters into thrall
The love that lives within us all
And turns the world around

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