This Receptive Void

There is a presence in our skies,
Which hardened minds seek only to despise
Or shroud in deep disguise
Beyond the pale of their restricted range

This presence that no one wants to know
Pervades its hardened limits
Loves each and every one
Without reserve
Bringing all to life in fluid sharing
From here to there in mutual caring
For what each needs to grow,
Then slow,
Conserving while conveying its gift
In fluid flow

How can we come to know this presence
Once we have forced it from our sight of mind
To try to keep it to and from our selves?

The answer’s plain and simple –
Even if the way seems hard –
We can find it in our guileless hearts
Where possessive minds refuse to go
For fear of losing what they’ve got
While missing out on what’s been given
To dream their life away

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