The Way of the Naturally Inclusive Middle

I don’t hate anybody
Everybody hates me
Such is the way of the naturally inclusive middle
That everybody loves to exclude
From the relentless pursuit of what cannot exist

I am as perturbed by the Illusion of Completeness, Wholeness
As I am by the Illusion of Separation, Apartness
Seeing in each of these paradoxes
The grounds for needless conflict with the other
An affront to our humanness
Resounding through the history of humanity

I am ground 0, tilde ~, ampersand &
The vacancy within the vibrant shell
The Soul within Spirited Body
Hearing all sides of the story
While navigating amidst them
Into the infinite openness beyond hearing

I am the peacemaker betwixt war-makers
The reconciler of opposites
Bringing each to embrace the other
In complementary, co-creative dance
The receptive void stillness
Within, throughout and beyond the movement
Breathing love onto life between pauses

I say that action taken in pursuit of impossible ideals
Regardless of our true nature
Is as futile and deadly
As no action taken for pity’s sake

Can you hear me?

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