The Origin of Life Patterns: In the Natural Inclusion of Space in Flux

The limitations of our current understanding of the relationship between human psychology and the evolution of living systems stem from a perception of space and boundaries as rigid, discrete entities. This book challenges such notions by presenting space and boundaries as sources of continuous flow and dynamic distinction. The aim is to uncover the recurring patterns of life expressed across various scales of organization in natural ecosystems and to explore how a deeper appreciation for their evolutionary roots in the fluid nature of space.

Conventional language and logic, which separate material from spatial context, cannot fully capture the essence of these patterns. The Origin of Life Patterns discusses how recognizing space as an intangible and infinite receptive influence and boundaries as a continuous flow of energy revolutionizes our understanding of evolution. The interrelated nature of receptive space and informational flow in all local phenomena allows us to see evolution as a fluid exploration of renewing possibilities rather than a strict competition for survival.

The concept of self-identity is redefined as a dynamic inclusion of one’s natural environment, rather than a separate entity. The Origins of Life Patterns will appeal to professionals in the fields of psychology, philosophy, anthropology, evolution, ecology, mathematics, and physics.

By exploring nature’s fluid lens of natural inclusion, it encourages us to think creatively and imaginatively about how to broaden our narrow, objective worldview and see ourselves as an expression of nature. People who have experienced this inclusive view of nature realize a sense of profound inspiration.


  • Uncovering recurrent patterns of life in natural ecosystems
  • Inadequacy of conventional language and logic in capturing the essence of these patterns
  • Exploring the impact of natural inclusion
  • Recognition of space as an intangible and infinite receptive influence
  • Understanding dynamic boundaries as a continuous flow of energy
  • Appreciating evolution as a fluid exploration of renewing possibilities
  • Self-identity as a inclusion of neighborhood

The Origins of Life Patterns is a ground-breaking work that presents a revolutionary view of space and boundaries, and the patterns of life they shape. Don’t settle for a limited understanding of the world, invest in The Origins of Life Patterns today and join the ranks of those who are leading the way in shaping the future of our knowledge. Get your copy now and start exploring the new frontiers of human understanding.

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the 2017 book by alan rayner the origin of life patterns in the natural inclusion of space in flux
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