The Great Suppression

Something there is in human mind
That doesn’t love the truth
That fears being undermined
By what comes naturally to us
From there to here and back again
In the core of our living souls
And wants it crushed

So many souls have suffered
Through trying to speak the truth they know
Deep down in their Heart of Hearts
Only to discover
That no-one wants to hear of it
When fixed high up in their Head of Heads
Upon some desired objective
At the end of their line of view

The history books are full of stories
Concerning those
Forced to bide their time or suffer
The consequences of telling tales
The Great Suppression doesn’t want to know

You’d think we might have got over it
By now
And learned from what’s
Gone before
By way of what was disregarded
By rigid piece of mind
– the ignorance of Ma Rigpa* –
Proved true when it’s far too late
To care for those who gave it voice
But no
The Great Suppression lumbers on
At the endless cost of human kind

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