The Attractions of Becoming a Host

What I would like to be Most
Is a Well Coming Host
Raising a Toast
Without having to boast

To All those I love Best
From East and West
Providing a Nest
Where Each Can Rest

Assured in the Knowledge
Acquired in College
That Open Invitation
Is the Heart of a Nation

An Inductive Place
With Scope for Grace

In Dynamic Relation
A Consolation
That whatever Gives Out
In a Roundabout
So They say
Can only Come Back
Without any lack

But, I don’t have a Ghost
Of becoming a Host
Unless I can Succour
All Manner of ******

And I’d rather Not
In case I might Rot
And I want to Delay
When I’m due to Decay
By Fending Off
All Those who might Scoff

So, Now I’m Alone
I need to Atone
For my Lack of Friends
In a World with no Ends

Statuesque and Immortal
Without Any Portal
To Where I so long
To Be Where I Belong

Within the Sea
Of Eternity
Beside the Hills
Where Every We
Expresses Me
A Host of Golden Daffodils

the attractions of becoming a host alan rayner occurrity
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