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At Occurrity, we are exploring and explicating the insights of natural inclusion and bringing clarity to our vision of the world. You will find articles, poems and paintings that touch upon diverse topics from science to art and everywhere in~between that you’re not hearing about anywhere else.

Yes, our culture and environment are suffering, but there are real solutions to our problems, and the solutions are going to make all of our lives better. We must recognize the damage done by the abstract exclusionality of modern scientism and explore how natural inclusionality can remedy the damage. No one can change many minds without the help of many minds.

Our newsletters deliver thoughtful articles, sensible advice, and simple messages straight to your inbox. New worlds emerge when we are all receptive and responsive to one another’s presence. It is quite natural to yearn for belonging within a community but not at the expense of individual identity. Please share your thoughts, ideas, questions and suggestions!

The iniquities of human existence that afflict so many of us will persist until we collectively change the attitudes of mind that brought about such malaise.