Spate Attack

I am a river damned to bursting point
Required by your close confinement
To down regulate my outflow
To a pitiful trickle
When I long to flood
And see you flailing in my excesses

Not because I want to drown you
But because I want to drown the din
Of your inconsideration
For what I can bring

To bear down upon your pallid protestations
Of exception from circumstance
That cruelly deny my loving influence
So that you can take one another apart
In death-defying leaps of soulless mentality
Into the hard ground of your unreality
Where life feeds the pungent corpse of your annihilation

No, I don’t want to drown you
But how I yearn to see you swim
What a fine splash you’d make!

Pooled together in my liquidity
Taken up in common spirit
Where all resolve to solve is gone
Rendered needless by your oblivion
Of all that you have placed to stand in the way
Of your dearest, loving Mother

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