Space – Your Final Dissolution

I am your final dissolution
The nurturer of your nature
That soothes and softens
As we live and breathe together

No gas-tight chamber doors
Designed to wall in
Or wall out your fears of devastation
Can exterminate me

You cannot live without me
You cannot die without me
I cannot find expression without you
You live in the breath of my inspiration
You die in the breath of my expiration
You die as you live
You live as you die
With me
Within and without

So, if you try to close me in
Or close me out
In your Manly human quest for Godly immortality
I cannot love you as you stir within my womb

I cannot assist you
I can only watch, impassively by
As you use me to destroy
Or suffocate in the stasis
Of a never-ending, never-opening
That’s no life for any one of us

So, please, bear with me
As I am alongside and within you
Take me in as I take you out
Certain only of the uncertainty
That recreates a rich and vibrant world
I am what life and death is all about

Rising and subsiding
In ever-flowing form
Living Light and Loving Darkness

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