Somethingness and Nothingness

Somethingness & Nothingness

Every body is a dynamic inclusion of nothingness
Which makes it somethingness
That includes you
And that includes me
Quite obviously
But when for no good reason
We stand aside from where we stand
To deny this reality
And split or merge
One apart from or with the other
We make a mess of life,
The universe and everything
And that’s not fun to live within
It breaks my heart

The above verses relate to my awareness of three very different perceptions of void/space:-

1. Space/void regarded dualistically/objectively as an immaterial outsider is perceived either as a source of existential threat of extinction or as a promise of infinite possibility to exploit.

2. Space/void regarded non-dually/subjectively as endless oneness is perceived as a source of timeless stillness and passivity.

3. Space/void perceived naturally as everywhere, within, throughout and beyond all material forms is appreciated as the vital receptive source of our being, which calls us into and out from becoming alive.

1 and 2 are in different ways both paradoxical and inimical to human understanding and flourishing, resulting in needless conflict, suppression and psychological, social and environmental harm. 3 offers a natural way out of the mess.

In reality, neither the receptivity of space nor the responsiveness of energetic motion can be expressed in the absence of the other. They are complementary, co-creative and mutually inclusive occurrences. Self-identity as a centre of receptive in responsive awareness naturally and dynamically includes it’s neighbourhood. It is not an isolated entity.

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