So Be It

So Be It
These three words come to mind
When thoughts unkind
Sit on my shoulder
Swearing blind
Concerning what could or should have been
Or could yet happen
If only I or she or he or they
Had said or done or known
Or not said, done or known
But find ourselves instead
As we are and are becoming
Making do as best we can
With whatever has or hasn’t happened
Or might yet happen
So far as we can tell
Finding contentment in what’s good
Honestly recognising what isn’t
Taking the rough with the smooth
The bitter with the sweet
In lifelong learning
With kind compassion
Not harsh recrimination
Aware of what we can and can’t be
Can and can’t do
Given our circumstances
And what we’re made of as living beings
By way of love and life
In mutual correspondence
Receptive holes and throbbing hearts
Not wholes and parts
Assembled by machine code splitting
The ones from the nones
In lifeless, loveless fixtures
Made to move by outside force
Not inspired by inside yearning
The internal combustion of baby soul
Calling to be nurtured
By father spirit and mother care
Until it grows big and strong enough
To return the favour
In dying out-breaths
From degeneration to regeneration
Until and unless
Retentive storage blocks the passage
With great piles of motionless stuff

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