Simply Co-creations

Life seems so complicated
In all its myriad manifestations
When viewed from outside itself
In abstract distance

So rational and yet so unreasonable
So measurable and yet so fathomless
So predictable and yet so unforeseeable
So attractive and yet so repulsive
So knowable and yet so inexplicable
Such an elaborate, mysterious construction
From such straightforward genetic code
And elementary particulars

And yet when experienced from within
That opening ending and ending opening
Within its Self,
So joyous and yet so painful
So resilient and yet so vulnerable
So enticing and yet so fearful
All living form Is
And all living forms Are
Beheld simply as receptive and responsive co-creations

Of darkness within Light within flow
Within Darkness

Of stillness within Flux within fluid
Within Stillness

Of space within Energy within matter –
Within time within place –
Within Space

Of yearning within Breath within breathing
Within Void

Of soul within Spirit within body
Within Soul

Of agape within Eros within philia
Within Grace

Of love in Love with life
Within Love

So, I ask you,
What’s Not to Love?

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