Simplicity & Entanglement

When we disregard what’s intangible –

Impossible to grasp

Our minds get in a tangle

Trying to get a grip

On what they cannot see

The holey wood within the vibrant trees

The simplicity beneath the surface

That brings to life its branches

In complicated forms

That seem to place in empty background

The space that’s been there all along

The ever-present silent stillness without friction

That calls into a spin

Around its hollow centres of no pressure

Both deep inside and far away

Infinite, intangible

Beyond the measure of material form


So, when you’re caught up in the branches

Or tangled up in webs

Bemused by complications

Don’t tie your self in knots

Trying to trace all their connections

And mystifying loops

From here to deep and wide

Just pause and look inside

To find what dwells within

That calls into a spin

Without making any din

And find your Self in Peace

The Love of Life Itself

The simple truth behind the complex scenes


fountains of the forest alan rayner occurrity
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