Shrouds and Sham Castles

[How we curtail our soulful evolution]

We gather shrouds
And build sham castles
Around our selves
To seal our souls within
False semblances of of external wealth
Hiding our inner emptiness
From deep recess
Our souls cry out
For release from their pupal cases
To be as only we can be
True lovers of life
Freed from the trappings of conceit
To breathe in the open air
Trading in natural currency
Flowing from there to here to there
In uncorrupted notes
Gifted without reservation
From generous spirit
Received with soulful care

We are called to slough those trappings off
As needless hide
To reveal what dwells within
Our outer make-up
And burst into new-found expression
Far from the mad-made shroud
That hems us in
Love-forsaken stitches

But how those fearful stitches stick
Fast to tender skin
Resisting every move it makes
Goading it with broken promise of untold riches
For keeping them intact
As high security guardians
On watch in the depth of night
To arrest any breach beyond their bounds
As preservers of the status quo

And so the flight of imagination can only begin
In acts of violent metamorphosis
The slaying of the past
To release that vibrant exploration
Opening the way for more to come
In successive generations
When shrouds and castle walls
Give way

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