Revealed Vision

He glimpsed a hidden beauty
Enshrouded in a veil
Calling his attention
To come closer and reveal
What lay behind her cover
Yearning to be known

He approached and gently started
To peel away the layers
Until, there she stood,
For any One to see
Her heart of utmost darkness
Enveloped by a dance of fiery passion
Bringing flesh to life in Earthly fashion
Betwixt the sea and sky

At last he knew the story
Of life behind the scenes
And strove to quickly share it
As his own unique discovery,
Forgetting that its not his choice
To whom she is revealed;

Drinking serves no purpose
If there’s no thirst to quench
Decay’s part of the cycle
Essential – despite its stench;

She remains unaffected
Still there for all to see
whose thirst will draw them near
To peel away the layers
And seek the silence to hear

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