Return From Calculus

To differentiate is not to define!
They put the cart before the horse
So that the poor thing got stuck in a rut
Those argumentative back-projectors
Newton and Liebniz
Whose deepest desire
Was to come first
Like Adam before Eve
On the Eve of their Fall

By cutting out space
From within the curve
Leaving the line shattered
Into helpless nonentities
Disguised as identities
By imposing minds

So that to integrate
We need only to add
What they failed to subtract
In their infinite regression
From All down to nought
But not quite

That informing presence
Adrift in our Time
Male without female
A self-negating false positive
With nowhere to hide
That takes us along
For its forgetful ride

Until some One gives notice
He can no longer bear
His harsh isolation
From somewhere to care

And rejoins his partner
In joyful communion
An affair of the heart
Where absence makes fonder
After millennia apart

And in that reunion
We need hardly add
What should never have been put asunder
By defining what’s bad

A place that’s beneath us
As we soar to great heights
Before returning the home
Subtracted from substance
To make solid figures
Meaningless in the absence
Of what needs them to care
For the receptive silence
Of everywhere

No, differentiation isn’t what’s wanted
To look askance
But it is what’s needed
To configure variety
In complex self-dance
Of one within other
Transfigured by chance

Everywhere needs somewhere to love

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