Refreshing Life

It had been raining all morning
We had stayed indoors
Tapping away on keyboards
Responding to calls on our time
Getting Cabin Fever

In the afternoon, the rain eased
Under heavy cloud cover
We couldn’t bear to stay inside
A moment longer
So we ventured outdoors
Into the village –
Our local neighbourhood

Freshness greeted us
In fragrant welcome
Snails of many sizes and many colours
Oozed slowly over damp walls
Eyes on stalks
Radulae rasping
Hidden beneath slowly rippling feet
Mosses and lichens
Released from pallid desiccation
Burst into vibrant colour

Translucent domes of water
Clung tight to waxy leaves
Before running away from disturbing touch
All in the company of many birds
Singing and calling,
‘This is the Life’

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