Radiant Receptivity – The Story of Flowers

Suns radiate energy
Conveyed in darkness
Received and radiated in turn
By moons and planets,
Flora, fauna and micro-flora
Birthing, dying, re-birthing
In continuous tidal circulations of flow-ebb-flow
The comings and goings of one in the other
Restoring life afresh
In undying variety
Unlike dead stillness
That doesn’t know it’s been born
Yet insists it does
As a favourite Son
Standing aloof
In radiant figure of One Alone, Nowhere
Instead of a figure of Eight
Laid to rest
For life to come into its own
Without owning what it holds within reach
Radiant receptivity
Leaving us to wonder
Where Sun got its energy from to begin with and what released its Power
Enabling Us
Spirited souls in Soul,
Energetically embodied places in Space
To wander into and out from our Time?

radiant receptivity alan rayner occurrity
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