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Avoiding the Void

plus a critical appreciation of ‘His Dark Materials’   Nature abhors a vacuum And seeks to fill it So the presumption

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Beyond Interconnectedness

In an egocentric world where people feel increasingly at odds with one another and Nature, the call to find ways to

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Beyond Objectification

A mutual inclusion of strength and weakness. We will get nowhere fast in our efforts to develop a more loving and

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Coming Together & Drifting Apart

From Knowledge to Wisdom & Wisdom to Knowledge ‘Knowledge of many things is not wisdom’, said Heraclitus. Wisdom is understanding the

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combining science, art and spirituality through the mutually inclusive middle way of natural inclusion

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Contemplation — A Lost Art?

It’s been brought home to me, again and again recently. Somehow ‘thinking’ has acquired a bad reputation. People dislike thinking. ‘It

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Evolutionary Flow

Nature is not selective She fluidly includes all possibilities Man is selective And, to be so, He rigidly constructs Hard lines,

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Living, Learning, Evolving

How do we as human beings come to know and understand the complexities of the natural world in which we are

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Natural Companionship

why we need each other to be different, genes are not selfish and evolution is not a process of selective elimination

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Emergence from Darkness into Conscious Expression

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Reason to Love

How Natural Inclusionality Heals the Rift Between Rationality and Emotion Long ago in human history, the seed of a dangerous idea

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Leading Co-creatively, From Love, The Receptive Middle Way

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Sentient Evolution

A short introductory essay based on the work of Doug Marman and Alan Rayner There is a clear and present difference

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Soaring Vision

An All-around View of the Intangible Within and Beyond the Tangible