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How Did I Become Aware of Natural Inclusion?

It’s a question I’ve been asked It’s a question I’ve asked myself It’s not a straightforward question for me to answer In incremental steps from beginning to end Because although it has entailed passing through a number

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The Carer Self

Attuning Needs and Wants With Circumstances

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Living, Learning, Evolving

How do we as human beings come to know and understand the complexities of the natural world in which we are situated? And how does the way in which we do this affect the way in which

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What On Earth Is or Isn’t ‘The Web of Life’?

I have long been both puzzled and disconcerted by the popular conception of ‘The Web of Life’. It is not at all clear to me what this is really supposed to mean. What does it mean to you, I

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Surface Tension and the Natural Flow-Geometry of Place-Time

A manifestation of the mutually inclusive relationship between receptive spatial influence and energetic current in all material forms What is it that holds together What would otherwise drift apart If not an innermost receptive call To all

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combining science, art and spirituality through the mutually inclusive middle way of natural inclusion

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Natural Companionship

why we need each other to be different, genes are not selfish and evolution is not a process of selective elimination

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Soaring Vision

An All-around View of the Intangible Within and Beyond the Tangible

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Contemplation — A Lost Art?

It’s been brought home to me, again and again recently. Somehow ‘thinking’ has acquired a bad reputation. People dislike thinking. ‘It makes my head hurt — more than my pay scale warrants’ someone said to me recently,

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Emergence from Darkness into Conscious Expression

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The Hole Story and the Whole Story

O! As Robert Frost put it:- ‘Nature does not complete things. She is chaotic. Man must finish, and he does so by making a garden and building a wall.’ This is why I often speak of the

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Nature as a Source of Moral Guidance

The idea that Nature is at best amoral and at worst totally immoral — an indiscriminate rag bag of good and bad, or cesspit of bad behaviour — has long been embedded in the human psyche. It

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Sentient Evolution

A short introductory essay based on the work of Doug Marman and Alan Rayner There is a clear and present difference between living organisms and machines. Living organisms are internally motivated manifestations of biological evolution whereas machines

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An Education in Natural Inclusion

For much of my working life I was a teacher and researcher in biology at the University of Bath. As is the way in Academia, it was my research that counted when it came to promotion, but

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Coming Together & Drifting Apart

From Knowledge to Wisdom & Wisdom to Knowledge ‘Knowledge of many things is not wisdom’, said Heraclitus. Wisdom is understanding the essence of things, we can all recognise. Nature is not made of snippets of information that

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Avoiding the Void

plus a critical appreciation of ‘His Dark Materials’   Nature abhors a vacuum And seeks to fill it So the presumption of abstract rationalisation Claims to be true . Nature is a vacuum Which it loves to

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The Cage, The Climbing Frame and The Swimming Pool

How Real Life Bends the Rules of Intangible Mathematical Structure Much of my privileged early childhood was spent playing in a Kenyan garden, which sloped down to the River Nairobi at its bottom. There were trees to

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The Natural Inclusion of Difference

Swirls within Swirls and Variations Around a Central Theme How do you feel about the uniqueness of your self-identity? Do you feel pride or shame? Do you feel ‘special’ in some way, or ‘not good enough and

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Evolutionary Flow

Nature is not selective She fluidly includes all possibilities Man is selective And, to be so, He rigidly constructs Hard lines, boxes and pyramids Which should we pay attention to? (with appreciation of Emily Dickinson and Robert

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Beyond Objectification

A mutual inclusion of strength and weakness. We will get nowhere fast in our efforts to develop a more loving and sustainable way of life until and unless we STOP objectifying one another and Nature. As Michael

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Cold & Warm Geometry

How Rigid & Fluid Structures Affect Our Human Relationships and Sense of Self

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Leading Co-creatively, From Love, The Receptive Middle Way

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Beyond Interconnectedness

In an egocentric world where people feel increasingly at odds with one another and Nature, the call to find ways to ‘connect’ and ‘reconnect’ has become very strong. Have you heard this call? If so, how do

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Elective Tyranny is not True Democracy

How many times have we heard it? A government wins an election based upon presenting a binary choice to an electorate, and then proceeds to claim that it has a mandate to do what it likes regardless

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Reason to Love

How Natural Inclusionality Heals the Rift Between Rationality and Emotion Long ago in human history, the seed of a dangerous idea was planted. As this seed germinated and took root, it grew into a Tree of Knowledge,

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Honesty, Reasonableness & Kindness

The Three Core values of natural inclusionality In this short essay, I want to show how THREE CORE HUMAN VALUES all arise from a central principle of Nature, which I call natural inclusion. These values are known by