Honesty, Reasonableness & Kindness

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The Three Core values of natural inclusionality In this short essay, I want to show how THREE CORE HUMAN VALUES all arise from a central principle of Nature, which I call natural inclusion. These values are known by a wide variety of names, but for now I will call them Honesty, Reasonableness and Kindness. Held together, […]

Inner Motivation

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When we know infinite space To be the receptive influence That calls into energetic response We recognise our inner motivation With a sigh of relief And a breath of fresh air Which removes the suffocation Of abstract imposition That forces us inside Four walls of a Whole, Complete Structure That only really exists Intangibly As […]

Coming Together & Drifting Apart

form and formlessness alan rayner occurrity

From Knowledge to Wisdom & Wisdom to Knowledge ‘Knowledge of many things is not wisdom’, said Heraclitus. Wisdom is understanding the essence of things, we can all recognise. Nature is not made of snippets of information that combine together to make a permanent ‘whole’, complete in its self. The essence of things is that Nature […]

Simplicity & Entanglement

fountains of the forest alan rayner occurrity

When we disregard what’s intangible – Impossible to grasp Our minds get in a tangle Trying to get a grip On what they cannot see The holey wood within the vibrant trees The simplicity beneath the surface That brings to life its branches In complicated forms That seem to place in empty background The space […]