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Feeling The Current

Every Rock is a River Every Island is a Stream Despite how Each might Seem To a distanced Mind Cut Off from Feeling The Current

Humility of the Valley

Life doesn’t strive To secure its foundation Upon the rocky serrations of the High-minded Where Men build castles in the air To furnish that false


What now, What next, Is this the end of the line Where the weight of a lifetime’s endeavour Sinks without trace Amidst the rocky fragments

Eclipse on Solsbury Hill

Ascending through misty envelope We reached the shallow dome Where Earth kisses Sky Each melding into Other In touching transference But with no Sun in


  If you truly wish to unlock the door To a wide-open new paradigm of love in life And life in love Stop looking for

In Spiral Inclusion

How hard it is to be soft Like a copper screw In a culture of steel nails Managed by hammerheads Dead-eyed sharks Whose only recourse

Eternal Current

There is a current Sensational tingling That flows eternally Inwards and outwards Towards and around Eternal rest Where it builds its nest Of spiky bits

Passing Clouds

Lingering downpours Falling out from grey blossoms Flowering obscurely Beneath sunlit clarity That opens outwards Whilst drawing inwards To receptive shadow That soaks itself in

The Lion’s Share

When you see me Doing what I do To serve my need For self-sustenance . As I feel that stirring In my hollow inside Disturbing

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A Simple Message

A simple message breathes into Mind. Immerse your Self in the Receptive Stillness of Space, Within Life,

As the Wind Blows Through Me

I am that empty tortoise shell This resonating chamber Made receptive by hollowing out, Which opens up when troubled or awakened By Apollo’s certain put-me-downs

Broken Tree Shelters

Broken tree shelters Split and cast aside By growing bodies That they had been set in place

Busyness, As Usual

He looked up at me, with dulled, mournful eyes Torn momentarily from his job in hand By my tacit intrusion ‘What do you want?’ He

Child of Reason

I feel I cannot think Of My Self alone As wise For there can be no wise One alone I am not wise I am

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