Imaginative Turn

How tiresome it is This beast that turns in my grave Shrieking to unearth Such fearful foreboding Of what is to come From what has

Natural Truth

You ask me what’s the point of all this Searching and spouting Questioning and answering? Where does it lead? What does it change? How will

Our True Nature

What is Our True Nature? A question I’ve pondered all my life Surprised As I am By stories I’ve been told By experts in their

Influx and Stillness

I AM influx You ARE influx We ARE influx He, She, It and They ARE influx To pretend otherwise makes no sense Because without flux

You Are On Your Own

I hear being said By those walls of silence As I struggle to raise my head And get out of bed To face another day

Spate Attack

I am a river damned to bursting point Required by your close confinement To down regulate my outflow To a pitiful trickle When I long

Swan Chemistry

We can’t all be swans Those ships of serenity Whose surface appearance Belies frantic pedalling Beneath reflected view To keep themselves on course Where would

Passing Clouds

Lingering downpours Falling out from grey blossoms Flowering obscurely Beneath sunlit clarity That opens outwards Whilst drawing inwards To receptive shadow That soaks itself in

Channel Number Five

Come on you Two Won’t you fuse with us Three So that we no longer have to be Rivals? In an Olympic Golden Sovereignty Of

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Silent Arising, Silent Return

All arises from and all returns to silence. All dynamically includes and is included within silence. There can be no sound without silence. Silence is

No Completeness
Without Finality

In the reality of natural place-time Where energy flows Around and between receptive centres of space Into and out from tangible form Continually transforming In

Coming Together

When All is disparate Nothing works To bring what passes Into confluence Around its self In tangible formation From intangible diffusion For a while Before

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