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Natural Truth

You ask me what’s the point of all this Searching and spouting Questioning and answering? Where does it lead? What does it change? How will

Neither ~ Nor

I am neither this nor that Nor this and that On either side of a dividing line I am the line That flows and grows

Never Quite Knowing

Life is a creative exploration of renewing possibility, Not a competitive struggle for permanent existence – Poetry, not Prose Improvisation, not Prescription, Tolerance, not Rigidity,

No Completeness
Without Finality

In the reality of natural place-time Where energy flows Around and between receptive centres of space Into and out from tangible form Continually transforming In

No Gap, No Song

A flute with no gap in its boundary cannot make music Neither can a flute with no boundary A string with no play in its

No Generation

There’s no generation Without regeneration Without degeneration Without flow From there to here to there From then to now to then In the stillness of

No Less Than Zero

We all know, really Don’t we? That in our heart of hearts There is no less than zero Inviting flow into form And there is

No Wholes Barred

Please, don’t speak to me of parts and wholes When you know There are no such things In a life that comes and goes In

Not a Commodity

I am not a commodity You are not a commodity We are not a commodity He, She, It and They are not a commodity .

Not Cut Out

I never was cut out To be a scientist In conventional terms Abstracted from what I observe All around my self By definition Soulless Heartless

Not Humble, Not Proud

I am not humble I am not proud To present you with my self In all humility Aware as I am In the current of

Not Present

This isn’t where I wanted to be At the end of my life When I began it This wasteland of broken dreams and thwarted promise


In the end It doesn’t matter If I’m wonderfully right Or dreadfully wrong If no one takes any notice There’s no point in carrying on

Odd Lemming Out

I had a dream To leave the mainstream And pawsed to rest Upon this hill crest Where I gained a view That I thought no

On Being a Hermit Crab

Oh, What Hell To Be In a Shell! It’s So Unkind To Be So Confined With No Room To Move Or Get Into The Groove

On Being a Lone Voice

If you ask me how it feels To be alone In giving voice To natural inclusion As the fundamental principle Underlying all that is, has

Opening Curtains

As I open my mail box The yearning for that magic Still possesses me That greets the child Who, upon waking Peels back the curtains

Our True Nature

What is Our True Nature? A question I’ve pondered all my life Surprised As I am By stories I’ve been told By experts in their

Out of the Shadows

Slipping noiselessly Released at last From the crevice Between a rock and a hard place Where it sought and found shelter For a while Emerged

Overwhelming Odds

I feel the weight of overwhelming Odds Stacked up Against my tiny glimpse of hope A bloody-mindedness handed down Through the Ages From generation to

Passing Clouds

Lingering downpours Falling out from grey blossoms Flowering obscurely Beneath sunlit clarity That opens outwards Whilst drawing inwards To receptive shadow That soaks itself in

Past Caring

I am grown past caring Past sharing Past daring To put my soul on line Where resistance begins And receptivity ends As an impenetrable wall

Peace Be Within You

As your mind races To pick up the traces Between now and then The where and the when The fly-past And by-passed In circuitous travel

Permafrost & Fertile Ground

Time is Frozen Energy Distance is Frozen Space Measured Out in Lumps Reality is Neither/Nor But Both/And After Thaw The Natural Flow of Life in


Space is for Being Time is for Becoming Together they make us as we are Dynamically embodied beings In Place-Time Capable of Doing What we


I’ve said it before And we’ll say it again The quintessence of consciousness Is the natural inclusion Of darkness and light Stillness and flux Void

Quite Honestly

Of course I am furious Of course I am sad Wouldn’t you be In my place? Our natural inclusion Of love in life And life

Radiant Receptivity

To be a Guiding Light of Life Radiating into Darkness One needs to Receive the Light of Life From out of Darkness Into Flowing, Flowering

Ramblings of a Deluded Sole?

Are all these colourful recollections for real? Or, are they, merely Ramblings of a deluded sole In a world that makes no sense To an

Reason to Love

Love is not divorced from Reason As abstracted minds declare Love is the Very Reason We are Where We are In an ever-flowing stream of


Oh, how we laugh! When Some Thing Touches Our Spirit Tickles Our Imagination Recalling Our Place In a Playful Space A common enjoyment Of a

Refreshing Life

It had been raining all morning We had stayed indoors Tapping away on keyboards Responding to calls on our time Getting Cabin Fever In the

Relentless Optimism

There is something about relentless optimism That fills me with despair That endless boast of positivity That denigrates its counterpart As needless needfulness That no

Relinquishing Hope

Sometimes I feel it helps To relinquish the hope That somehow good will come of all this And in that sense of loss To find


All that exists in no time All that remains When all’s been said and done Is what’s always been here And always will be .


As needful living beings – Centres of receptive in responsive awareness Inspiring and expiring From our outer to inner And inner to outer Selves We

Resilience & Vulnerability

Are mutually inclusive Not mutually exclusive Because both are sourced In the receptive & responsive relationship Between space & energy In all material bodies Including

Return From Calculus

To differentiate is not to define! They put the cart before the horse So that the poor thing got stuck in a rut Those argumentative

Revealed Vision

He glimpsed a hidden beauty Enshrouded in a veil Calling his attention To come closer and reveal What lay behind her cover Yearning to be


There comes a time When one has to admit That all one has worked for Lies in ruins Empty buildings Unfit for purpose Where once

Sand Point & Rabbit Moss

A craggy finger pointing out Into cold café-au-lait sea Bears, upon finer inspection A profusion of shades of green Nestling within hollows in eroded limestone

Say Even as They

‘Say as we say’, They said, ‘If you want us to hear you – Otherwise, speak for yourself alone.’ But I knew That to seek

Seeing Through Appearances

You’ve caught me on the hop Standing on One leg Where All I can see Is the gap That stands Between you and me In

Self, No Self

Some say that to be without self Is the only way to be Without suffering . To which, I can only agree For to be

Sense & Sensibility

Two ways of knowing Combine to create a Third Sense knows Form Sensibility knows Formlessness Compassion and Creativity know The natural inclusion of Each in

Should I Stay or Should I go?

This is something I don’t know When both bring sorrow of a different kind Not the joy that comes with meeting Receptive mind And making

Shrouds and Sham Castles

[How we curtail our soulful evolution] We gather shrouds And build sham castles Around our selves To seal our souls within False semblances of of

Silent Arising, Silent Return

All arises from and all returns to silence. All dynamically includes and is included within silence. There can be no sound without silence. Silence is

Silent Night

Silent Night, Brings Light to Life All is calm All is rife Midst the communion of Man and Wife Brought together in primordial womb Where


I keep returning to the yearning For Simplicity That place where all converges Into those bare necessities of life: Spirit Flowing Around Receptive Soul; Energy

Simplicity & Entanglement

When we disregard what’s intangible – Impossible to grasp Our minds get in a tangle Trying to get a grip On what they cannot see

Simplicity & Entanglement

When we disregard what’s intangible – Impossible to grasp Our minds get in a tangle Trying to get a grip On what they cannot see

Simply Co-creations

Life seems so complicated In all its myriad manifestations When viewed from outside itself In abstract distance So rational and yet so unreasonable So measurable

So Be It

So Be It These three words come to mind When thoughts unkind Sit on my shoulder Swearing blind Concerning what could or should have been

Soft Life Lining

A soft life lining With gentle relief Some hard core denial Of what lies beyond resolution Across a bridge that sighs Over sharp regrets Submerged

Something to Be Said

There’s something to be said For a mature body That takes a novice to heart So that both can flourish In the flow of life

Somethingness & Nothingness

Every body is a dynamic inclusion of nothingness Which makes it somethingness Temporarily That includes you And that includes me Quite obviously . But when

Space – Your Final Dissolution

I am your final dissolution The nurturer of your nature That soothes and softens As we live and breathe together No gas-tight chamber doors Designed

Space cannot be displaced

She can only be illuminated Into material form To realise this Is true enlightenment Not the false dawn That splits the darkness From the night

Spate Attack

I am a river damned to bursting point Required by your close confinement To down regulate my outflow To a pitiful trickle When I long

Starlings – Revelations of Invisibility

Smoke Rises In Bird Form Lining Pockets of Air Horizontal Aspirations To Vertex From Vortex Reflected in Currents Between Waves Rippling Fenestration Mercurial Shimmering In

Stitching in Time

Every moment is a turning point In ever-present current Carrying life across the gaps In human memory From future into past Without a pause for

Stuffed Tiger

I offered you a Tiger Rampant Roaring Russet Burning Yearning Gnawing Yawning Sprawling Crawling Puncturing Eye Opening Jaw Closing You wanted to stuff the Tiger

Surface Tension

What is it that holds together What would otherwise drift apart If not an innermost receptive call To all around To come into circulation In

Swan Chemistry

We can’t all be swans Those ships of serenity Whose surface appearance Belies frantic pedalling Beneath reflected view To keep themselves on course Where would


Ultimately So far as any of us alive can tell In any language There is One reality One Nature of Infinite extent Which has two

Systemic Adversity

There is a systemic problem That adversely affects every human life In every field . The only exit from this problem Is the entrance into

Teacher’s Joy

There is a kind of yearning That delights in opening out Accepting its needful readiness For anything that is in your mind To come to

That Loving Feeling

That feeling you have In the midst of your chest Which makes you want To embrace someone or something Is what everything Is ultimately made

The Great Suppression

Something there is in human mind That doesn’t love the truth That fears being undermined By what comes naturally to us From there to here

The Hole and The Current

I AM the Hole AND I AM the Current So are we all Whether we care to know it or not – Both the Receptive

The Hole in the Mole

I AM the hole That lives in a mole That induces the mole To dig the hole That moves the mole Through the earth That

The Holeyness of the Wood – West and East

Two, world’s apart Whose place is together In common circumference Of World spinning Story One, the proud Standard-Bearer Of light within darkness An illumination Of

The Lion’s Share

When you see me Doing what I do To serve my need For self-sustenance . As I feel that stirring In my hollow inside Disturbing

The Midst of Life

When the complexity of it all Fills your head to bursting Stay with the simplicity At the heart of it all In the midst of

The Receptive Void

I am here Always Bathing you In my receptive, omnipresent stillness The silent calmness within and all around Your agitation . I am no threat

The Room in the Elephant

The sound of trumpets Disturbed my sleep Calling me to awaken To my African experience of welcoming warmth Receptive and responsive – That pink-handed generosity

The Rough & The Smooth

Side by side Straddling the midriff Between fore and aft Of land that’s slipped its anchor Into liquid crystal Silvery blue Or bluish silver Depending

The Scrapheap

‘You don’t want to end up here’ My father said With mournful eyes After years of striving To make his mark Undermined by lack of

The Vitality of the Intangible

There is a voice that speaks through silence Letting us know Who we really are resides in where we really are Inhabitants of a place

The War of the Pots and Kettles

Black You ARE AND Black you BE What ever ELSE YOU cannot be ME Whiter than white And purer than pure I KNOW what’s RIGHT

The Weariness of Not Being Heard

There is a great weariness Which comes of not being heard From calling up courage To speak the truth you perceive In the hope that

This Isn’t What I Wanted

This Isn’t What I Wanted When I started on this quest To find my self and loved ones Excluded from the rest That comes from

This Receptive Void

There is a presence in our skies, Which hardened minds seek only to despise Or shroud in deep disguise Beyond the pale of their restricted

Tired of Waiting

I’m so tired Tired of waiting For a world to turn itself around From continually revolving In opposition to its motion That blocks its circulation

To Be a Natural Pilgrim

To be a natural pilgrim Is to be a disciple of natural truth Not a follower of fashion Or adherent of false Authority Laying down

To Live is to Burn

To live is to burn In the consuming passion of the fire That takes in and gives out Through the transparency of space The light


Somewhere sparsely inhabited A long stretch Staring down at its heels Alongside the crescent That looks to see the sea With a mouth at its

Unbroken Movement

So, you want to know The meaning of ‘Flow’ As the meaning of ‘Life’ Transcending all strife Around and between all bodily form As standard

Underlying Simplicity

Underlying Complexity Is Simplicity A co-creative relationship Between Receptive Stillness & Responsive Movement Space & Energy In each other’s embrace Dancing Form Into Loving Life

Uprising From the Fallen

So, once again, a Nation falls for It The Old Great Lie That severs Self from Neighbourhood The Victor smiles Speaking of Healing and Getting