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A Simple Message

A simple message breathes into Mind. Immerse your Self in the Receptive Stillness of Space, Within Life,

A Void Dance

When we imagine That what’s inside Exists only outside Our mortal bodies As a frightful surround – A dumping ground Of fathomless void… Our lives


I know you haven’t asked me And you really don’t want to know But the answer to your unasked question Is no I’m not OK

Accepting Invitations

Life accepts invitations to flow And dresses accordingly It does not force-fit Its self in a box of pretence To the exclusion of others Where

Achilles Heal

A gap breathed space Into the fortress Of a soul walled in By dreaming of Absolute security In its individual completeness Elevated above some baseline


  If you truly wish to unlock the door To a wide-open new paradigm of love in life And life in love Stop looking for

Ain’t No Such Thing

Ain’t no such thing As space Ain’t no such thing As time . Space isn’t material distance Time isn’t material duration Distance is a manifestation

As the Wind Blows Through Me

I am that empty tortoise shell This resonating chamber Made receptive by hollowing out, Which opens up when troubled or awakened By Apollo’s certain put-me-downs

Avoiding The Void

Nature abhors a vacuum And seeks to fill it So the presumption of abstract rationalisation Claims to be true Nature is a vacuum Which it

Awaiting Signs of Hope

Day after day Like a child anticipating snowfall in winter I open the curtains of my inner world Looking out for signs of that magical

Beginning of the Ending

The Beginning of the End Was in the division of the divisible From the indivisible Whereupon All became One or Many Figures alone Without neighbourhood

Being Ignored

There’s nothing more upsetting Than being ignored When that receptive calling for what we need – Food, water, knowledge, understanding, love – To keep us

Beneath The Surface of the See

  What happens When what you see Doesn’t stop At the surface of what you see? When all around Extends within Taking its bounty Within

Beyond Contradiction

When two sides contradict each other The Truth Lies Somewhere in Between, Throughout And Everywhere Around In natural circulation Need I Say more?

Biophilia and Biophobia

No, I do not feel excluded from Nature On the contrary Nature is a source of joy, inspiration, wisdom and life itself For me Not

Broken Tree Shelters

Broken tree shelters Split and cast aside By growing bodies That they had been set in place

Broken Trust

Life becomes a dreadful fright When nobody can be trusted Individually or collectively To know or do what’s right Least of all yourself . Is

Busyness, As Usual

He looked up at me, with dulled, mournful eyes Torn momentarily from his job in hand By my tacit intrusion ‘What do you want?’ He

Catching the Sun

  Where would the sun be With no where to catch its rays And spin them into Life Throbbing in receptive bodies Responsive to warmth

Channel Number Five

Come on you Two Won’t you fuse with us Three So that we no longer have to be Rivals? In an Olympic Golden Sovereignty Of

Child of Reason

I feel I cannot think Of My Self alone As wise For there can be no wise One alone I am not wise I am

Cleansing Stream

We made our way Down to the bay In sunlit, wooded valley Flowed through by sparkling water When we reached the shore We heard the

Co-creative Middle

You’d have thought it was obvious Wouldn’t you? That a world divided between poles Isn’t a world But a mess At odds with its self

Coming as Going

We come as we go We ebb as we flow Into and out from Life Into and Out from Grace Joyfully and Sadly Painfully and

Coming Together

When All is disparate Nothing works To bring what passes Into confluence Around its self In tangible formation From intangible diffusion For a while Before

Commitments not Choices

A river does not decide in advance Where to flow It simultaneously both shapes and is shaped By landscape As it creates and follows Paths

Compassion Fruits

Compassion fruits And Old becomes New In the vitality of heart-mind When receptive influence Transcends executive force . But until then Human life Will remain

Compassionate Non-responsibility

Strange as it might seem To recognise our non-responsibility For what happens in our neighbourhood To us and all about us Brings humility and compassion

Creative Centrality

I am upset by shouting matches Between those who place themselves at Poles Apart I am upset too when the shouters shout at me For


Current flows through time Time flows through current Current is time Endlessly circulating within and pulsing between Bodies Enlivened by current Suspended in Space That

Dark & Light: Flesh & Blood

I view the sun Through outstretched fingers Of my child’s hand And my child’s eyes Are filled with wonder What seemed so hard-edged – So

Dead Loss

  How does it feel To be written off To write your self off As a dead loss? . To be the story You most

Deep Inside Me

Deep inside me Is a terrified child Craving reassurance That all has been well And all will be well In the end Despite all the

Deserted Life

A life deserted By fearful intrusions Leaving nothing to celebrate From past endeavours Is what I am living through As I mourn this passing of


You may live the dream But I am living the loss As all that I have strived for By way of fruitful harvest And contentment


Oh, that iron fist that hides In a velvet glove Intoxicating the heart Whilst ordering its erratic wanderings Into the hard-edged metronomic beatings Of a


The fear of being discredited Leads me to discredit myself Evacuating my spirit Into ghostly form Without substance to call upon To back up my

Eclipse on Solsbury Hill

Ascending through misty envelope We reached the shallow dome Where Earth kisses Sky Each melding into Other In touching transference But with no Sun in

Emerging From Shadow

The continuous, wide, receptive openness of space The continual motion of energetic excitation Each in the other’s embrace Bring life into being In bodily fountains

Encroaching Menace

How many of us share this feeling of encroaching menace? As the culmination of an irreverent way of life Spent hiding from the true nature

Enlivened Space

I see no whole I only see enlivened space Which, unlike air Cannot be displaced But is always there And here Bringing nothing to fear

Estrangement and Reconciliation

In the Becoming, All was Well A limitless pool of infinite depth Shimmering into form wherever light brought life To her receptive permissiveness For a

Eternal Current

There is a current Sensational tingling That flows eternally Inwards and outwards Towards and around Eternal rest Where it builds its nest Of spiky bits

Evening Child

As I enter life’s evening of lengthening Shadow And reddening afterglow My prevalent feeling is far removed from contented Mellow fruitfulness It’s much more akin


How does it feel And what does it mean To be excited? . Do you feel it in your bones In your brain In your

Fading Vision

I glimpsed a hidden beauty Enshrouded in a veil Calling my attention To come closer and reveal What lay behind her cover Yearning to be

Fare Well Gesture

Every day I’ve wondered What good am I doing here? Not a lot, it seems So, I’ll simply wish you all fare well And say:

Fear Is In Love

Fear is in Love Love is in Fear Life is love electrified By current that loops Into and out From all bodily forms . The

Feeling Rubbish, Feeling Blessed

Every day is a struggle for existence Between two mes A me that feels rubbish Cast aside and treated like muck And a me that

Feeling The Current

Every Rock is a River Every Island is a Stream Despite how Each might Seem To a distanced Mind Cut Off from Feeling The Current

Flame and Fountain

My Life, My Psyche Is a Flame And a Fountain A marriage of Entropy and Energy Receptive Darkness and Responsive Light Transparent Silence and Flowing

Flowers Flower

Flowers don’t care to be ignored Flowers flower To drink in welcome visitors So that they may wine and dine On nectar and pollen Held

Focus and Circumspection

We have eyes on the front of our faces Giving us binocular vision We have fingers and thumbs Enabling us to grasp and throw We

Following Each Other’s Footsteps

Some might aspire To climb on other’s shoulders Whence to gain an elevated view Atop a stack of figures Perched precariously From pinnacle to ground

Four Lawn Hope

Maybe some day This two-way split Between first, second and third Person Will find the way to heal In the ultimate embrace The endless space

From Abstract Zero to Natural Hero

Let me try to say this again Another way The Transformative Mathematical Move From Abstract to Natural Is the integration of Zero As a dynamic

The Return of the Native

Imagine yourself Born under cover of darkness In the shade of an umbrella Pierced by peepholes Into an other-worldly radiance That shines on coralline ocean

Holding Openness

You ask me who you are To tell a story you can live your life by A tail that has some point That you can

Hollow Way

I live in a tunnel of softly lined walls That melt into distance, beyond past recall And flex as they twist in curves out of

How Can Individuals Damage Communities?

Individuals can only seriously damage communities When communities enable them to do so By providing them with access By way of weaponry and estranged ideas

How May I Take This In?

  How may I take this in? The silence beyond and before The commotion of locomotion The cacophony of the din That heralds and applauds

Humility of the Valley

Life doesn’t strive To secure its foundation Upon the rocky serrations of the High-minded Where Men build castles in the air To furnish that false

I’m a Perceiver

I’m a Perceiver Not a Believer I do not worship At the altar of idols or ideals Superhumans or conceptions of perfection That have no

Illuminating Moment

I came across a flower It flowed into my life Its face beamed out a message Cast from sunlight taken up And spun around in

Imaginative Turn

How tiresome it is This beast that turns in my grave Shrieking to unearth Such fearful foreboding Of what is to come From what has

In Spiral Inclusion

How hard it is to be soft Like a copper screw In a culture of steel nails Managed by hammerheads Dead-eyed sharks Whose only recourse

Influx and Stillness

I AM influx You ARE influx We ARE influx He, She, It and They ARE influx To pretend otherwise makes no sense Because without flux

Inner Motivation

When we know infinite space To be the receptive influence That calls into energetic response We recognise our inner motivation With a sigh of relief

Inner Motivation

When we know infinite space To be the receptive influence That calls into energetic response We recognise our inner motivation With a sigh of relief

Innermost Calling

Within every living soul Is an innermost calling To include and be included In the life and love of all Around its self . A


Why would anyone in this wide-eyed world Want to possess anything? When all that’s needed To live, to love, to be loved In natural beauty

Joy & Terror in Human Error

Who doesn’t know The joy and terror In human error That swirls and curls Around our core? . The way of life Reaching around And

Just What to Say?

I wondered then I wonder now I wonder each and every day Just what to say To make a jot of difference To what holds

Legacies of Past Pretence

How can I, how can we Escape those legacies of past pretence? Those lofty aspirations That distract us From being as we are Becoming what

Lifetime Non-Achievement Award

I am proud and humbled To announce That I have won A lifetime non-achievement award From the Human Society for the Prevention of Natural Sense-Making

Looking Both Ways

From inside-out Our gaze is boundless, endless, Never complete We sense the enormity of the eternity In which we belong From outside-in Our gaze is

Lost Conversations

There have been so many conversations Entered with vigour Sustained by hope Only to fade into deep recesses Like garbage collecting In cracks between paving

Love & Hate in Middle Earth

I have to admit that I Hate Holism Almost as much as I Hate Reductionism Almost as much as I love reductionism Almost as much

Making Do

All these years of doubt and worry Interspersed with driving, striving Have brought no consolation to my soul I have no past success nor future

Middle Earth

Life forms in the balance Between flow and counterflow Into and out from the other In response to innermost calling Amidst infinite expanse A love

Mocking Bird

Brick walls unite in solidarity Or so I’ve heard When their foundations So absurd Secured upon the very Word That cuts their souls adrift Feel

Natural Currency

What we do for love Is priceless What we do for money Is valueless . Energy is natural currency Flowing from abundance to scarcity The

Natural Revelation

I cannot reveal The truth about Nature With my instruments and methodology Trained on some remote objective Held fast Under my firm thumb I cannot

Natural Rivalry/Abstract Competition

There’s a subtle but radical Difference Between natural rivalry In diverse community As a challenge To care for the needs of self and loved ones