Natural Truth

You ask me what’s the point of all this Searching and spouting Questioning and answering? Where does it lead? What does it change? How will

Channel Number Five

Come on you Two Won’t you fuse with us Three So that we no longer have to be Rivals? In an Olympic Golden Sovereignty Of

Spate Attack

I am a river damned to bursting point Required by your close confinement To down regulate my outflow To a pitiful trickle When I long

Humility of the Valley

Life doesn’t strive To secure its foundation Upon the rocky serrations of the High-minded Where Men build castles in the air To furnish that false

Your Peace is My Disquiet

Your Peace is my disquiet That Bliss you find in self-denial Where pain is a thing of the past Conveniently forgotten In clouded memory Your

Eclipse on Solsbury Hill

Ascending through misty envelope We reached the shallow dome Where Earth kisses Sky Each melding into Other In touching transference But with no Sun in

Holding Openness

You ask me who you are To tell a story you can live your life by A tail that has some point That you can

Quite Honestly

Of course I am furious Of course I am sad Wouldn’t you be In my place? Our natural inclusion Of love in life And life

The Hole in the Mole

I AM the hole That lives in a mole That induces the mole To dig the hole That moves the mole Through the earth That

You Are On Your Own

I hear being said By those walls of silence As I struggle to raise my head And get out of bed To face another day

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Legacies of Past Pretence

How can I, how can we Escape those legacies of past pretence? Those lofty aspirations That distract us From being as we are Becoming what


As needful living beings – Centres of receptive in responsive awareness Inspiring and expiring From our outer to inner And inner to outer Selves We

Focus and Circumspection

We have eyes on the front of our faces Giving us binocular vision We have fingers and thumbs Enabling us to grasp and throw We

Space cannot be displaced

She can only be illuminated Into material form To realise this Is true enlightenment Not the false dawn That splits the darkness From the night

The Great Suppression

Something there is in human mind That doesn’t love the truth That fears being undermined By what comes naturally to us From there to here

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