Peace Be Within You

As your mind races
To pick up the traces
Between now and then
The where and the when
The fly-past
And by-passed
In circuitous travel
That begins to unravel
As you pick it apart
From what’s deep in your heart
That quakes at the sound
Beyond your home ground
Disturbing the night
With outbursts of light
That bring you to life
Midst what seems to be strife
Between inner and outer
In the eye of the doubter
But in reality serves
In the shape of its curves
To hold you together
Regardless of weather
You know it or not
Neither ice-cold nor white-hot
But surfacing the dream
Between every extreme
Protecting and feeding
What’s vulnerable and needing
With endless fluidity
Not finite frigidity
Or careless abandon
From what’s here to stand on
Balancing between
The deviation and the mean
Without cause for alarm
When there’s no source of harm
In what welcomes us in
To this world in a spin

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