Our True Nature

What is Our True Nature?
A question
I’ve pondered all my life
As I am
By stories I’ve been told
By experts in their fields
Of lonely Figures standing
Like scarecrows in the cold
Without a leg to stand on
Or feet upon the ground

What is Our True Nature?
A thought
That’s crossed my mind
While hearing tales of far-off places
Apart from where I am
Amidst this endless pasture
Where sheep cannot be goats
Despite how hard they struggle
To shed their woolly coats
When heated to exhaustion
By unremitting Sun

What is Our True Nature?
A mood
I’ve come across
When wondering, why on Earth
Do people try to abstract themselves
From where they’re standing
In order to dispose of what they need
To free their hearts to bleed
When faced with desolation
Due to unremitting greed?

What is Our True Nature?
A Call
To understand what makes us Human,
Not gritty grains of sand that drift
Only where the wind blows
Into hollows drained of sound
Within this skimpy Ground

What is Our True Nature?
A dream
That can’t be had, whenever
We isolate or conflate
Those magical ingredients
That move and hold us still
Ever flowing and dispersing
Into and out from some deep Place
Betwixt and Between
Now and Then

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