On Being a Lone Voice

If you ask me how it feels
To be alone
In giving voice
To natural inclusion
As the fundamental principle
Underlying all that is, has been and will be
Well, I wonder how you might imagine
It feels?
How would you feel?
Would you feel good, bad, happy, sad, confident, doubtful, courageous, scared, excited,
Or all or none of the above?
And what would you do or say about it?
Especially if you saw a human world
In dire trouble
Due to believing otherwise
In one way or another
Would you be content
To speak your peace
And leave it there
To fizzle out
For lack of care
Like a seed stranded
In barren ground?
Would you seek sycophantic followers
As replicates and suppliants
Who you could lead
In swelling throng
With you at their helm
While knowing only too well
Your human frailties and biases
Would you seek companions
You could trust
To affirm your findings
And your reasoning
And join their voices
With yours in swelling song
Each in their own way
Augmenting what needs to be done and said
To reach those afflicted
By the status quo?
I know the latter
Is the path I’ve sought
With nothing sold or bought
And I know I’m not
Without support or interest
But I also know
That without those companion voices
Mine alone
Can never change the course of what was
Set in motion
Thousands of years ago

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