Never Quite Knowing

Life is a creative exploration of renewing possibility,
Not a competitive struggle for permanent existence –
Poetry, not Prose
Improvisation, not Prescription,
Tolerance, not Rigidity,
A Search for Openings, not Quest for Completion

Motion in Stillness, Stillness in Motion,
Responsiveness in Receptivity, Receptivity in Responsiveness,
Energy in Space, Space in Energy,
Not One or Other Alone,
No matter without no matter

Never Quite Knowing
What’s coming next,
Preparing for Surprise,
Ready to change One’s mind,
One’s direction

That’s the evolutionary learning curve
In natural inclusion –
Truly natural Science,
Truly natural Art
Exploring natural neighbourhood with Love
Exciting and Inspiring
Isn’t It?

fountains of the forest alan rayner occurrity
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