NaturesScope: Unlocking Our Natural Empathy and Creativity

An inspiring new way of relating to our natural origins and one another through natural inclusion.

For millennia, we have attempted to understand and educate ourselves about nature through our own perspective, using telescopes, microscopes, and our own eyesight. This leads us to view nature as an objective, rigidly framed entity that exists outside of us, on which we project our own psychology. However, this one-sided perspective has caused deep conflicts with our connection to nature and with each other. “NaturesScope” offers a new perspective, from the viewpoint of nature itself, which brings humans and the world into a more compassionate and passionate relationship.

By exploring nature’s fluid lens of natural inclusion, it encourages us to think creatively and imaginatively about how to broaden our narrow, objective worldview and see ourselves as an expression of nature. People who have experienced this inclusive view of nature realize a sense of profound inspiration.


  • Psychological, social and environmental need for natural inclusion
  • Limitations of abstract logic
  • Empathetic understanding of human nature within nature
  • Loving our natural neighborhood as self
  • The true meaning of natural variety
  • Fluid tolerance as vital to evolutionary creativity
  • Deep origins of creativitity

Don’t wait any longer to experience this transformative perspective. Order your copy of NaturesScope today and start your journey towards a more inclusive and imaginative relationship with the natural world.

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naturesscope 2011 book by alan rayner about the origin of natural inclusion
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