Nature’s Inclusion
-And Perfect NonSense

Nature does not perfect things
She is inclusive
Man seeks to perfect things
And to do so, he cuts Himself apart
In perfect isolation
While doing the same to others

Nature’s invitation
Calls all into lively form
Within Her endless reach
But when Man resists the calling
He suffers in the dark
Caught up in Perfect NonSense
That can’t admit what’s stark:

Only in the coldest reaches
Can perfect symmetry be neared
And even here
Within each surface
Movement never ceases
To hold us all together
Amidst the perfect stillness
Of endless, everlasting Space

That’s why my Faith, My Hope, my Love
Dwells here
In Nature’s Inclusion of my Self
Within Her deep embrace
Alive to your presence also
Within our commonplace

So when you seek to exclude me
Or tie me up in knots
Beyond or Beneath your Perfect Gaze
And when you seek to accuse me
Of holding you at Bay,
Please, just remember this:-

“Whoever Isolates is Lost”

All you really need to gain admission
Is to admit the way you really are
A lively, wandering star
Burning brightly as you come
In circulating light
Around a heart of darkness
Emerging from and fading
Into that endless, everlasting Grace
That’s Here
Within this Space
Now and Always

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