Natural Truth

You ask me what’s the point of all this
Searching and spouting
Questioning and answering?

Where does it lead?
What does it change?
How will it help?
What does it have to say
Politics, ethics, God,
Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Mathematics, History, art,
Health, well-being, Philosophy,
Invention, Intention, Crime,
Punishment, Language, Economics, Education,
Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Forestry,
Sustainability, Ecology, Life and Death?

There, I pause
But you don’t
Come on – give me an answer!
Convince me!
Give me a chance to contradict you!
Give me an example!
Make me understand what you are talking about!
In words of one syllable

Knowing in my heart what’s wrong
With living in contradiction
Of how you naturally are
In this world as it naturally is –
Forever flowing
Continually coming and going
Where there’s no knowing
Where all definitively ends and begins
Because it doesn’t –
Instead of just saying
“Because that’s the natural truth”
Which I know you won’t accept
I try to comply
I try to reply
By giving you the answers you seek
Carefully worded
Eloquently justified

But in so doing
As I see your puzzled face
Screwed up
After soaking up all those centuries of lies
Sticking like flies to your tongue
I feel my spine creasing
My hair prickling
My jaw clenching grimly
My nose wrinkling
My forehead corrugating
My eyes slitting
As the burden grows
Of trying to convince a world that shouldn’t need
To be convinced of what’s so bleeding obvious
It all feels wrong
Confidence deserts me

So, all that’s left
Is for me to return to my drawing board
In quiet repose
To draw my own non-conclusions
True to my self
True to my human companions
True to Nature
So far as is humanly possible
Regardless of what has or hasn’t already been said
Because that’s the point of all this
And if that doesn’t change the world
For the better
Nothing will!

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