Natural Revelation

I cannot reveal
The truth about Nature
With my instruments and methodology
Trained on some remote objective
Held fast
Under my firm thumb

I cannot bear
The responsibility
Of finding out what I can’t find out
Through restrictive hands and eyes
That falter as they seek dominion
Over all that wanders
Wet in dry

I cannot believe
My heady framing
That stumbles over shaky heels
Trying to hold my steady aiming
Fixed upon some point of view
Of what is right or wrong to do

I cannot trust
My fellow scientists
Who consider Nature made to measure
Between defining hands
With butter fingers

I can only trust
In Nature showing me
In passing through my fluid lines
The truth of what lies within my open presence
Ever Ready
To receive the current of recharging batteries
Never flattening to deceive

For what rings true is what presents itself
To us, through us
Not what we might make of it
In presentations
Seeking admiration from the ardent taker
Batting eyelids in frozen flashes
Between eye lashes
Whipping the world into hardened order
Where none can flourish
In melting instance
That lets the world be as it is
Feeding hunger
Quenching thirst
Dancing in sunlight
Re-turning to darkness
Like the life it holds in trust


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