Natural Currency

What we do for love
Is priceless
What we do for money
Is valueless
Energy is natural currency
Flowing from abundance to scarcity
The gift of life
To be received, cherished and passed on
With gratitude
In continuous relay
Around and between
Receptive centres of grace
Money is human invention
Founded in false pretension
Dividing material from immaterial nature
Self from neighbourhood
Designed with intention
For the purpose of retention
In what’s been given as taken
At other’s expense
Behind closed walls
In accumulated wealth
As cancerous growth
From scarcity to abundance
Until the pyramid of numbers
Becomes top-heavy
And empires collapse in on themselves
At colossal expense
To all involved
Before the whole self-amplifying process
Begins all over again
Until and unless
Someone spots the fly in the ointment
And everyone else pays attention

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