My Life’s Work, Our Life’s Work

My life’s work
Our life’s work
Is to comprehend the reality of Nature
Including human nature
In a way that helps us
To live, love and be loved
Honestly, reasonably, compassionately
As we truly are –
Not according to some idealised notion
That either splits the difference
Between stillness and motion
As irreconcilable opposites
Or unifies all into one
Breathless totality
It need not be difficult
So long as we can drop the pretence
That raises or lowers our selves
Above or below
Our actual situation
Receiving what we need
To enliven our bodies
As sentient inhabitants of sunlit Earth
Suffused by ever-present space
What makes it hard labour
What makes it a bind
Is to dwell in a culture
That refuses to drop the pretence
In its own defence
While obliging us
To do and say
As it does and says
By looking the other way
Whenever our true nature
Reveals itself
To be as it is

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